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The Families

The Challenge

One School's Response

The Goal: To Build Resilience

First Steps for Schools

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This 26-minute documentary portrays the life experience of two military-connected children and the exemplary efforts of their school community to protect the emotional health of students and families throughout the stresses of deployment and reintegration. The film covers specific resilience-building classroom practices and promotes the model of a teacher-nurse-guidance counselor team with advocacy and support from the building principal and superintendent.

We hope that these resources will inform and support the work that you do with military-connected children and their families every day. Our goal is to help build strong and responsive partnerships between schools and parents, and to demonstrate how these partnerships help to sustain resilience in military-connected students throughout the challenges that accompany a parent’s deployment and eventual return.

Bonnie Ohye PhD
Clinical Director, Family Team
Home Base Program

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